Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Sober October

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Sober October

October is a month of pumpkins, falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and getting outside to enjoy the crisp, clean air. Although we’ve said goodbye to summer, the delights of fall are here to take hold of and enjoy to the full! Fall is about enjoying the leaves changing colour, the air feeling fresher and looking forward to delicious, warming meals and a refreshing, non-alcoholic Ceder’s cocktail after a day’s adventure.   

Aside from enjoying the seasons changing, during October, people all over the world take part in Sober October, a month-long commitment But what is Sober October? Why do people take part, and what does it involve? We’re taking a look at the history and purpose of Sober October and giving you some absolutely delightful, easy to make non-alcoholic cocktails you can enjoy throughout October and beyond! And because Ceder's is a delicious non-alcoholic spirit, it’s the perfect choice this October. Whether you're doing it for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, it's the ideal opportunity to embrace the live free spirit ethos and make the most of your alcohol-free adventure!

Preparing for Sober October

If you've never tried Sober October before, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful month without compromising on enjoyment. Be sure to set clear goals and define what you want to achieve during the month - and it's okay if you want to take part but don't want to set any goals.

Some people find it helpful to let their friends and family know they are taking part in Sober October; this means everyone in their social circle can be supportive and mindful.

Exploring the wide range of non-alcoholic options available is part of the fun of Sober October. It's a chance to try new things and experiment with delicious mocktails - there are so many amazingly refreshing Ceder's non-alcoholic cocktails to try!

What to drink during Sober October

There are so many exciting flavours of non-alcoholic drinks to try during Sober October, and mocktails are the perfect place to start. There’s something to match every taste, like sweet and fruity long drinks, zesty fresh cocktails and deeper, expertly spiced flavours. Ceder's is the perfect non-alcoholic spirit  for creating alcohol-free cocktails that are delicious, refreshing and simple to prepare. Here are five excellent choices to enjoy during Sober October and beyond

With a bolder profile, boasting hints of clove, juniper, oak, and ginger, Ceder’s Wild is a deliciously warming blend of botanicals with a slightly spicy kick, it’s the perfect choice to embrace the essence of fall! Or, if you’re looking for a fresher flavour, Ceder’s Crisp mimics the freshness of the air on a calm fall day for a non-alcoholic cocktail that delivers total refreshment.

The Spiced Wild

This fall-inspired concoction weaves together Ceder's Wild with comforting notes of pineapple juice, a warmth from ginger syrup, and a touch of non-alcoholic bitters. Garnish the Ceder’s Spiced Wild with a sage leaf or a twist of orange zest. It's a sensory journey through the rich and spiced flavours of the season—a perfect companion for crisp fall evenings.

The Wild Ginger Spritz

Made with Ceder's Wild, the Wild Ginger Spritz is a wonderfully aromatic cocktail that captures the essence of wild botanicals and the zesty kick of ginger. Superbly simple to make with Ceder's Wild, ginger ale and topped off with NoSecco, garnish with orange zest for the final flourish to a bubbly, warming, non-alcoholic cocktail.

Ceder's Crisp Zinger:

The Ceder's Crisp Stinger is a sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail with the bright, citrus notes of Ceder's Crisp, a zesty kick of lemon juice and the natural sweetness of agave syrup. A cooling touch of mint from fresh mint leaves adds crisp freshness to a wonderfully botanical, fresh mocktail. Garnished with a floating mint leaf, it's the epitome of old-school elegance with a deliciously modern twist.

Ceder's Classic and Tonic

This classic cocktail is reminiscent of the classic experience  without the alcohol. It's a refreshingly balanced choice with herbal and citrus notes from Ceder's Classic, mixed with tonic water for a touch of bitterness and garnished with a citrus or cucumber slice. You can add a thyme, rosemary or mint sprig to accentuate the aromatic notes – the Ceder’s Classic & Tonic is a sophisticated, non-alcoholic choice for those who enjoy a gin and tonic.

Ceder's Non-Alcoholic Classic Sour

A modern twist on an old favourite, combining the timeless appeal of a sour cocktail updated with Ceder's Classic. Shaken to perfection, poured over ice and garnished with a slice of lemon, it's a perfectly balanced cocktail with the citrus brightness of lemon juice, complex botanicals of Ceder's Classic and a slight hint of sweetness. The Ceder's Non-Alcoholic Classic Sour is a sophisticated, refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktail for Sober October.

What is Sober October?

Sober October encourages people to practice mindful drinking  for the whole month of October. It began in the United Kingdom as a fundraising campaign by the charity Macmillan Cancer Support and has since become popular worldwide as a way to  promote a more mindful approach to drinking. Drawing inspiration from Dry January, Sober October has gained prominence as a way for people to raise money for causes and charities they care about while promoting mindfulness and self-awareness.

Sober October is the new Dry January

There are lots of reasons why people choose to take part in Sober October beyond the initial fundraising campaign. The core of Sober October is moderation.  This period  can help people focus on other goals, whether they are fitness or general wellness goals. Some people use Sober October to kickstart a healthier lifestyle by beginning new exercise routines. And it can be a chance for people to explore mindfulness techniques, meditation, and other practices designed to improve overall mental well-being.

Because Sober October is popular worldwide, there is the added benefit of knowing people worldwide are taking part. With dedicated social media groups and local in-person meetings, there is a community of people to offer support and encouragement to each other. This helps motivate people to reach any charity fundraising or personal goals they have set.
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